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Group Walk

If your dog is social and great walking on leash, then sign them up to join the pack!

Group walks available in Liberty Village, Fort York and Cityplace.

Approximate time duration 30 mins to 1hr 30 mins (based on customer preference/ weather/ elevator delays etc).

Available Monday to Friday between 11am and 3.30pm

Weekly updates will be sent so you know how your pup is doing.


5 Group Dog Walks

To be used within 2 weeks from the date of Purchase



20 Group Dog Walks

To be used within 6 weeks from the date of purchase and save $30!



That's only $19.60 per walk!

That's only $18.10 per walk!

*Price shown subject to availability. Group walks are not available on evenings, weekends and/or Public Holidays. All prices are subject to HST.

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